Quail Creek Couples Golf Association

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QCCGA Board Meeting 4/9/21

Call to Order 3:15 PM – Jay, Pam, Bobbi Jo, and Connie present

Treasurer’s Report – We have $1,588.52 in our account as of April 9th.  No outstanding bills.

Tournament Chair/s:

  • May add game instructions on separate sheet to scorecards when games can be confusing. Two teams had to be DQ’d in March as they scored their card as a 4-person team even though the card noted it was a 2 person team (X’ed out on holes that needed their scores).
  • Change to calendar – move July 2 Person shamble to August and put a foursome Long Ranger in July. Lone Ranger is difficult to set up and Bobbi Jo will be down here then to help Connie.
  • Connie will create instructions with pictures for signing up a couple and signing up a foursome team. Instructions will be sent out with sign up emails.
  • Skins –
    • They add complexity to setting up and reporting results in tournaments. As Connie is new should we stop Skins until Bobbi Jo is back this fall?  We will try Skins with May’s game to see how it goes.  If too complex we will stop until the fall.  Please note, if we continue with Skins just know it will only be where tournament format allows.  For example, you can’t have Skins on a Scramble type of format as a player does not play their own ball through all golf holes.
    • Members have not been good at picking up Skins’ winnings. Jay still has money from January’s tournament.
      • Decision made that members have 60 days/next 2 tournaments to pick up Skins. After that the money will be returned to general treasury.
      • Pam volunteered to summarize bills (cash) needed to pay out Skins after receiving results.
      • Jay or Pam will get cash payouts and give to Connie who will staple to cards at following tournament/s. This will be most efficient way to get the money to the winners.  Those who don’t play in the next 60 days/2 tournaments must notify Jay to find other means to pick up their winnings.
    • Pam volunteered to help Connie hand out scorecards before play days. Dena might also be able to help.
    • There is confusion on some tee boxes on which Copper or Silver tee men should play from (there are sometimes multiple Copper or Silver tees). Jay will verify with Joel how that will work for men playing from Silver, Combo and Copper tees.
    • Women always play forward Copper.

New Business:

  • Jay will send out a note to membership welcoming new members and clarifying items members have had questions on in the past. Items could include, but not be limited to:
    • Reminder of QCCGA charter
    • Expected conduct of members
    • Tee options for men, clarifying what tees should be played
    • Others?
  • Jay will verify with Joel and Meloni when lunches can begin again
  • Jay and Pam are in their third year which, per bylaws, would be their last year in current office. As we didn’t golf most of 2020 should their terms be extended another year?  To be discussed at a future time.

Meeting adjourned 4:43 PM

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